Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why stress can kill you? How do you face it?

Why stress can kill you? How do you face it?

We often find ourselves nervous: stress at work, exams, human relationships, and the general difficulties of life.

But do you know that stress may be able to end your life if you do not control it?

This is because the body does not distinguish between psychological and physical threats. When you are stressed by a busy schedule, a date with a friend, traffic congestion, bills and finances, your body behaves in the same form and force as the "life or death" issue. If you have a lot of responsibilities and concerns, your body responds most often, and the more stressful your body is, the more difficult it is to control.

Pressure can also cause serious health problems, as chronic stress disrupts almost every system in your body. It causes high blood pressure, impaired immune system, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, and long-term pressure can also affect the brain, making you more prone to depression and anxiety.

Since stress can actually kill you slowly if you do not control it, how do you deal with pressure to have a healthy life?

1. Do not rely on alcoholic beverages and smoking

Alcohol, caffeine, smoking, will hold the order. You will feel more nervous, even if you feel good at first.

2. Accept the help of your friends and family

I'm not the first person exposed and will not be the last. Compressive times are difficult to overcome alone. Be with people you trust to help you with them. Ask for their opinions in what causes stress and stress.

3. Create new activities in your life

Exercise, eat a nutritious food, read a book, write your thoughts in a notebook, listen to your favorite music, discover new ones, draw, and try to find a safe, comfortable place to relax and unwind.

4 - Learn how to accept change

When we accept that things do not always go according to what we want, or what was planned, and that pressure is there and you feel it, you will begin to rephrase the way you think. There is also a good amount of pressure, which leads you to achieve your goals, but poor stress loses you the ability to sleep and affects your mental health, physical and psychological.

5 - Talk to yourself .. positively

All of us talk to ourselves, sometimes loud or inside, positive talk can help you relax and control stress and anxiety. With practice you can turn negative thoughts into positive ones, such as saying "I can do it" and "everything will be fine".

6. Daily relaxation

Relaxation is more than watching your favorite TV shows, so you should calm the tension in your mind and your mind. Yoga and meditation can help you. Deep breathing is a form of relaxation, as well as choose a comfortable and quiet spot in your home after a long day of practicing yoga and meditation or just relaxing your body and mind.

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