Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why does stress make you sick?

Why does stress make you sick?

Many doctors went to them to find out why I felt tired, stressed and unable to do anything, including an anemic specialist who advised me to take days off from work and sleep for long hours to improve my condition, taking a cup of milk in the ring and dates fruits until I get rid of anemia "Next to medicines and supplements. The last consultant asked me if I had long-term stomach pain such as gastrointestinal disorders or colon, and when I answered yes, I explained that these symptoms were caused by accumulated psychological stress.

What happens when you are exposed to "stress"?
Sit down with a group of close friends and ask them: "Why are we being pressured?" Most of the answers will be "ridiculous people ... our inability to get over it ... we do not expect this to happen ... our confidence in people who are wrong. Many .. we can not defend ourselves .. etc). After hearing them, ask them another question (what do we do when I get stressed out?), I think many will tell you, "Run away, confrontation." Why would many say this to you? Because of the pressure of myself, the body secretes many hormones, including "adrenaline" responsible for the spontaneous response, "escape or confrontation," which works on high heart rate and blood pressure, and high amount of oxygen reaching the muscles, thus increasing the speed of breathing and show symptoms on your body in ( Sweating .. headache .. nausea .. pain in the muscles .. pain in the stomach .. psychological tension).

Treatment of stress
If there was a medicine or a magic recipe to get rid of psychological pressure, everyone went to buy it and there are no mental patients left in the world, but there are tips said by experts and consultants to reduce the impact of stress on our bodies, including:

1. Know the causes of stress Yes, dear, you need to ask yourself: "What is the cause of this distress?" Is it a result of financial crisis or family conflict with the partner and family, or because of repeated failure to reach the goals or to break someone close.
2 - Realism in determining the goal I expect that the real reason for feeling despair and psychological pressure all the time, the schedule that I used to write every month to achieve a specific goal, yes .. You fill it with many of the tasks that can not achieve. Try reducing tasks and increasing time. Give everything (goal) its time so you can celebrate access to it.
3 - Flexibility You are like everyone (try .. failure .. try .. succeed), no one, my friend reaches his goal of the first round, and no one can also solve the problems of his life is filled with anger.
4. Past Experiences Do you remember the problems of last year? How is today? Have not they been corrected and resolved most of them? So do not worry.
5. Go to a psychiatrist If you feel like you need a psychiatrist, go without hesitation. Yes, my dear .. Now I learned that when I was under psychological pressure, my skin was affected by inflammation and allergies, stomach upset stomach and colon, and lose sleep and rest and concentration, and suffer from muscle pain and headaches, I knew that all these symptoms result from my exposure to a position I could not afford, From psychological stress to go through the previous tips and think about going to a doctor if it's bad .. do you too.

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