Tuesday, September 18, 2018

These foods increase anger and anxiety .. According to Chinese medicine!

These foods increase anger and anxiety .. According to Chinese medicine!

Eastern medicine, which includes Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, focuses on the effect of foods on your mood, your mental state, and overall health. Here are a number of foods that can cause anger and frustration.


According to experts, Ayurveda recommends if you feel angry or resentful in the recent past by avoiding fireworks such as tomatoes.

"This does not mean that tomatoes are completely eliminated," she said. "Cold foods like coconut and coriander can be eaten in order to achieve the desired balance."


Coffee, warm foods, eggplants and any high acidity foods cause a feeling of anger and frustration, so be advised to cut them down and add other cold foods like coconut or aloe.

Fatty foods

Traditional Chinese medicine is that every member is associated with a certain feeling. Liver is related to anger and lung with sadness, heart, insomnia, depression, kidneys, fear, spleen and pancreas, thinking too much, said expert Ivan Shate.

"Foods that have a direct effect on a member's functions will also affect feelings," said Chinese medicine expert Elizabeth Trattner. Tratner advised reducing fatty foods, fatty meats, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol.


Ayurvedic medicine suggests that foods such as broccoli, broccoli and cabbage are responsible for causing anxiety due to bloating and stomach gases caused by ingestion, Suffer said.

You can reduce the effect by eating healthy fatty side foods such as avocados and olive oil.

Dried fruits and potato chips

Suvir said that dried fruits and potatoes help to balance, but noted that foods and beverages considered cold by Ayurveda may solve that problem, such as coconut and healthy fats.

Cold authorities

Food temperature and body moisture have a great role in arousing the feeling of anxiety, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Cold foods do not allow the energy to flow through the body, and the brain is clogged, and so it becomes anxious, recommending avoiding cucumber, watermelon, and salts if necessary.

Dairy products

Milk, yogurt, and cheese may cause your feeling of mental fragmentation, and you are advised to eat energy-rich foods that promote concentration like ginger, black pepper, and orange peel.

Refined flour and sugars

Tranter warned against eating foods that depend on refined flour and sugars for their effects on the brain and causing them to feel angry and distracted. So you should reduce your white bread for some time until you feel better.

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