Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Music and blue to treat stress, according to researchers

Music and blue to treat stress, according to researchers

There are numerous international medical studies and research on the most effective ways to get rid
 of psychological stress and to provide psychological comfort. In a new Kuwaiti study, blue color and music enhance one's mental health.

After studying the scientific studies, the Kuwaiti plastic artist and critic Dr. Reham Al-Rougheeb, in collaboration with composer Assem Al-Bunni, has a way of harmonizing blue light with music, to empty negative energy, protect mental health and secure relaxation.
The event was organized by a number of Arab ambassadors in Kuwait and a selection of artists and media professionals. A scientific experiment was specially designed for this event, which is a mixture of blue light, music and vibrations. Which have a direct impact on the brain. Scientific questionnaires were distributed to a sample of 200 people, before and after the experiment, to monitor their direct scientific impact.

The success of the experiment ...
The experience was successful, as opinions were taken from random samples of the audience, and most of their views revolve around the happiness and pleasure and psychological comfort that they felt after the experience, according to confirmed Dr. Reham Al-Rughib, who has long experience in the field of chromatography.
Dr. Al-Rujheib pointed out that she used the composer Asim Al-Bunni, because he always produces different colors of music, and asked him for special music in blue, explaining that according to research, the choice of blue color for the experiment came as a comfortable color and provides psychological comfort throughout the period of his vision. Confirming that the association of music with color, is very accurate and came after several studies connected.
She pointed out that the secret of the success of the experiment lies in a mixture of music and vocal pulses, which mimics the pulse of the brain, light and color, and mental phrases guiding.

Blue music!
For his part, Eng. Essam Al-Bunni said that blue music is completely different from ordinary music, because it is related to human feelings. It is possible to color any music we perform.
Adding that "all the questionnaires concerning this scientific experiment have been completed and the results of the research will be announced in the near future and new experiments will be conducted in the future related to other colors."

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