Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to relieve stress during pregnancy

How to relieve stress during pregnancy

Reduce stress
Tension during pregnancy is harmful to you and your child. It may increase anxiety, and affect your sleep and appetite for food. But taking simple steps to relieve stress - like exercising several times a week - can be very helpful.

Do I suffer from extreme stress?

Tension reduction
Pregnancy can be a source of stress, but you can feel a wide range of emotions during pregnancy. It is normal to feel tension or frustration sometimes, but if the stress caused by pregnancy causes symptoms such as insomnia, headache, loss of appetite or overeating, you will need to find ways to relax and relieve tension. Do not forget that stress caused by pregnancy affects not only you but also your child.

Try the following stress relief methods:

Evaluate your daily life and learn about things that can be improved. Can you reduce the number of hours you work? Can you get some help at home? Are there things that can be delayed for postpartum?
Talk to someone about your feelings during pregnancy. Sometimes it may be useful to discuss things with a girlfriend or husband.
Walk several times a week. Exercise reduces tension.
Enjoy a warm bath and listen to quiet music to relieve tension.
Learn one of relaxation techniques, such as therapeutic meditation. This will help you to clear your mind, calm your body, and better understand your feelings during pregnancy.

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