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Hormone anxiety, tension and anger

Hormone anxiety, tension and anger

In the human body there are two tomorrows located above the kidneys called adrenal glands or renal glands. The adrenal gland is composed of two parts: 1 - an external section called the cortex and the secretion of hormones. Deoxi Curiteco - Styron regulates the metabolism of water and salts and regulates the amounts of water and salts that are put with urine

It also increases the absorption of sodium, chlorine and potassium

** Hydroxy Curitco Styron:

Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates

** Cortisone:

Its use in removing the feeling of pain

2 - internal section and called (bone marrow) or (pulp):

Secrete two hormones:

** Adrenaline

** The light of adrenaline

They work to prepare the body for changes associated with emergencies such as danger, anger, fear, falling from a high place and falling to the ground

When a state of fear or anger occurs, the body follows

1 - high blood pressure by arresting blood vessels and capillaries in the viscera and blood goes to places of emergency such as muscles

2 - Expansion of blood vessels in the muscles and skin until the blood is sufficient.

3 - block the movement of the worm's smooth muscles in the intestine.

4. Increase the heartbeat to pump more blood into the muscles.

5 - increase the speed of breath to visit the proportion of oxygen in the blood, which is transferred to the muscles.

6 - conversion of glycogen in the liver to glucose to raise the level of sugar in the blood.

After our review of the work of these hormones from the biological point of view has been discovered recently - and God knows - as I was told during a training session of a specialist in microbiology Microbiology that these hormones (adrenaline and norepinephrine) smell very strong when they secrete from the adrenal gland and can not be smelled humans but can not They only smell the predators and the park and they love this smell ...

And this credibility of the words of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, who advised us not to anger and take advantage of the devil as a treatment for anger and change the position of the body until the mechanism of secretion of these hormones

And also now I realized why our fathers and mothers advise us to balsamah when we fall and fall on the ground

They interfere and change the representation of food and metabolism and have a great behavior in the secretion of the glands, especially from the bone, they affect strongly and usually if the patient to the magic of love or band, for example, they stimulate and inhibit the secretions that affect the nervous system and the magic of humanity is the mediator and magician Jinn is commissioned by the server and teach the region Which works on it to make the appropriate impact of the mission through the Prophet's medicine and learning to learn the good and published and that this medicine does not come false is the right set, I stand here with a herb praised by our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his companions and peace, it sings for many Of compound drugs either Herbal or the workmanship of Western or Eastern medicine is working to create a balance of glands and hormones and if we return in the gift of God bless him and his family and peace, we find how to guide the Sahabiyah in the treatment of virginity Indian premium, and known that virginity and God knows is Sinus and almond problems Yes, especially almonds and definition of almonds is a gland located in the sons of Adam is the first line of defense when swallowing, whether drink or eating even taking the breath, with almonds and inflammation of the almonds, we find the pen in the Prophet's hand, God willing, heal the patient and recover.

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