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Anxiety in children, causes and treatment

Anxiety in children, causes and treatment

The problem of anxiety in children, from the psychological problems facing the child, just like the very large. Anxiety, by its very nature, may offer its positives if it drives man to change and progress. But when it is a handicap in the way of man at all stages of age, it becomes a problem, you need to stand up and know the reasons and ways to prevent them, and we are here in the search for the problem of anxiety in children, we brought you the concept of anxiety in children; to be able to identify it, its causes and symptoms and how to deal With child anxiety!

Concept of anxiety in children
Definition of anxiety:

Is a state of total and continuous tension as a result of anticipating a threat, an actual or symbolic danger may occur, accompanied by a state of fear, and psychological and physical symptoms.

Concern is also defined as a state of unease, confusion, and anxiety related to future events. The state of anxiety includes a feeling of distress, preoccupation, and anticipation of evil, which represents fear of the unknown or of a vague or obscure subject unknown to the individual.

Now that we have understood the concept of anxiety in general, what is the problem of anxiety in children?

Anxiety in children is the fear of the unknown, and the unknown for the child is his own motives, motivation for aggression, desires and dependency. The behavior resulting from these motives in general is punishment, which the child can not express. It remains within the child and remains provocative. In case of arousal, the child expresses feelings of fear of punishment, but does not know the source of this fear.

My son is afraid of the least thing, is there any way to encourage him and increase his self-confidence?
My son is afraid of school although he is superior
My son is afraid of darkness Is I the reason?
Causes of anxiety in children
What is the child's anxiety about?

• The state of anxiety in the child stems mainly from the methods of breeding wrong by the parents and the formation based on bullying and cruelty and excessive protection.

• The child's feeling of emotional deprivation, and lack of security by those around him.

• Insistency in dealing with the child either by parents or at school, and permanent change in the methods of education!

• Loss of social support from those around him.

• Children fear negative evaluation by others.

• It is a cause of concern for children, perfect expectations and ideal for children's achievements.

• Neglecting the child, leaving him without meeting his psychological needs, it is a door to enter anxiety to his psychology.

• One of the most important causes of anxiety in the child, family differences that occur before the eyes of children!

• The child is affected by his parents, the son saw on the forehead of his parents anxiety and tension, it represents that feeling of anxiety! Children take their parents as their mirror.

• Overwhelming children and their constant criticism of others, which generates anxiety and frustration.

• The preoccupation of the mother with her new baby, which generates the child a state of anger and anxiety because of the mother's departure and preoccupation.

Symptoms of anxiety in children
What are the signs of anxiety in children?

Symptoms of anxiety in children are divided into two types:

• Healthy symptoms of anxiety, such as anorexia, after the child is fed, and inflammation of the tonsils.

• Psychological symptoms of anxiety, related to behavioral aspects, such as the child's anxiety at night and sleep deprivation, sleep at the specified hours of the night, frequent crying, poor personality, lack of self-confidence, difficulty concentrating, fear of occasions and social visits, tension and anxiety and anger once provoked!

Treatment of anxiety in children
What is stress management for children? How do I deal with a child's anxiety?

Here is my dear reader, a set of tips on how to treat anxiety in children, as follows:

• Giving the child peace of mind, love and security, embracing his ideas, patience in his discussion, and relying on persuasion, giving him an opportunity to speak and express his ideas.

• Train the child to relax, take the same deep, relax his muscles.

• Develop the social skills of the child and encourage him to participate in sports and school activities; to discharge his negative shipments.

• Encourage the child to express his feelings, by engaging him in family conversations and discussions, allowing him to express any negative feelings stored inside him, such as frustration, anger and fear.

• Treatment of children's anxiety and anxiety of the exam and educational achievement, is the role of the teacher in helping the child to integrate and participate and interact in various activities, so as to reduce the level of concern, in terms of degrees and rate.

• The role of the great family in providing continuous support, encouragement and reward for the achievements of the child, and respect for ideas contained in his own world, and help him in every step of his path; to grow his feelings in a positive and sound.

• Do not leave room for the psychological contract to lick your baby's bosom .. Stay close to him always.

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