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Anger and anxiety are two sides of a single coin

Anger and anxiety are two sides of a single coin

Anxiety is very different from fear; because fear is a feeling that arises when we expect harm from an area that is known to us. For example, I have four chapters of a book that I will be well versed in. The book consists of five chapters. But when I fear the exam, although I have memorized the five chapters, here we call it concern.

* Natural anxiety
We all have the instinct to preserve the integrity of our bodies; we are all cautious and concerned when we are exposed to something that threatens our lives or our safety, and the degree of concern This will put us in a state of attention to keep our spirits alive when we cross a highway.

* Pathological anxiety
But because there are unhealthy things in our upbringing, natural anxiety may become satisfactory in some people. Instead of being cautious when crossing a highway, a natural part, we find people who refuse to go down the street or refuse to ride the car.

This pathological concern results in multiple effects oscillating in intensity and type, from rapid arousal, anger, through phobia, panic attacks, to obsessive compulsive and qualitative depression, etc.

Fast arousal, anger is the most extreme degree of tension and anxiety, and may be due to the latent anger of things that happened to you in the past and do not know, or know part of it.

Here are some practical steps to deal with your anger:
- Choose times when you are quiet, and think quietly and comfortably in the fact that you are angered in a situation but in a new way, so train yourself to capture the deep idea that is hiding behind your anger, and be the reality of your anger.

For example: You called your girlfriend several times and did not respond, at these moments you may feel upset and angry; but is your anger because of not responding to you? The truth is that your anger is caused by the idea that you came before the anger directly and did not notice it because it occurs in less than a nanosecond. The idea is: "My friend neglects me, so I am the weak one who pleads for the relationship. Is the idea behind your anger, so you hate the fact that his existence is those thoughts, or other ideas.

Discovering beyond your anger honestly and deliberately helps you to understand the convictions that have been dug up in you for years, and treated them as a true fact. These convictions are what you will need for real work. It is the one that needs you to get rid of the "fetish" you have lived in for years.

- Marcy breathing health; and the simplest ways is:
1. Sit in a completely comfortable position; feel real relaxation for every part of your body.
2. Watch every part of your body, and notice the tension of any member and the nation to relax.
3. Take a slow deep breath from your nose, hold it as far as possible and then pull it out as it enters slowly and quietly, but from your mouth this time, and so on until you feel all the parts of your body relax.

Continuing this training, and other relaxation exercises, twice a day, so that it becomes part of your life comes from the desired control of neuromuscular, and helps to calm you and control your nerves.

Vyomk must be a simple part of it, and it can be called "my own time", in which you do anything you like very much, and delight you no matter how small, and respect your sleep rate, nutrition, and weekly entertainment, even one day without tasks remember.

- Conduct social and sports activities in an acceptable and comfortable manner within the limits of your time and energy.

- Accept your various responsibilities at their normal size; accept the 90% results, accept some tasks for those around you, meet your need for rest, and accept your limitations in other matters.

I know that what I propose seems difficult, needs effort, time, and patience, but I also know that it is not impossible.

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