Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Symptoms of stress and anxiety

Symptoms of stress and anxiety

What is tension, stress or psychological stress?
Wikipedia defines it as a "psychological" psychological factor on the physical and psychological entity of the individual, limiting his ability to perform his duties and duties to the fullest.

Man shows three basic symptoms:
- The first is anger and intense emotion
- Second: Escape and withdrawal without facing the problem or solve it down to frustration and depression
- Third: The first and second presentations together
- Normal man begins with the first and second case and then begins to face the matter and solve it
- Physical withdrawal of symptoms (body)
- Loss of appetite or binge
- Insomnia or increased sleep escape or sleep disorders, dreams and nightmares
- Sudden pain without cause occurs in the back, shoulder and neck even in young ages
- The speed of anger and depression
- Cry without reason
- Dislocation and inability to concentrate
- Escape from work or face the problem
- Problems with digestive system such as indigestion (constipation or diarrhea)
- Muscle spasm and tension.
- Continuous headache

How to face stress
- Talk to yourself and know that life as well and full of types of pressure and that everyone is exposed to this and that the minimum bear us change and good and evil, the painful situation must end
- Think about the problem and make use of friends and specialists if possible and not escape from facing them
- Wise behavior and the use of reason and scientific methods
- Demonstrate strong will and strong faith
- This did not happen
- Despite its disadvantages, it has many benefits, including experience, maturity, learning, experience and possession of knowledge.
It is the battle of life that must pass by everyone, do not ever receive the frustration and know that the difference between the successful and other is not to surrender to the problems of life and not to fall into it The problems are exposed to all rich and poor and Mr. and slave and educated and ignorant.

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