Friday, August 24, 2018

Stress and tension lead to love

Stress and tension lead to love

A recent German study shows that stress and stress often lead men and women to love.
The study, conducted by social psychologists at the University of Wuppertal and published by the German newspaper "Die Welt" "German yesterday that life situations that cause pressure make the person feel tension and increase heartbeat, which are all similar to the changes that occur when he feels love.

At the same time, a recent poll showed that many Germans meet with great love at the airport where it seems that the long wait in the airport queue and the fear of flying increases the sense of people pressure and tension and makes them according to the study more willing to fall in love.
The poll, conducted by the website "Friendsk "24 of the dating that 29% of the thousand people surveyed said that the most appropriate airports for love and courtship in Germany is Frankfurt International Airport, followed by Munich Airport (18%) and Berlin Airport (16%) ·
Another poll revealed that sincerity and honesty in the relationship with life partner is more important to many Germans than sex and adventure.

Fifty-eight percent of the respondents found that loyalty is the most important thing in the relationship with their partner, followed by honesty (57%) and a sense of responsibility (51%). (47%), while sex was ranked as the lowest priority of the Germans (31%).

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