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Hypertension caused by stress and treatments

Hypertension caused by stress and treatments

Psychological stress is a problem experienced by a large number of people, especially in the Arab world. It has become known that this psychological condition has a major impact on health, especially on high blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

To highlight the issue, Madam Net, Head of the Department of Nephrology and Stress, Dr. Shadia Baini, from BMC, says:

"When the body is tense, the body's mechanisms become ready to raise the blood pressure, and all scientific studies confirm that stress and stress contribute to the lifting of hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) that contribute to the elevation of blood pressure as a result of rapid heart rate and contraction of the arteries. If he is no longer a patient, he or she may become a stress patient and should consult with a physician to begin taking blood pressure and life-prolonging medications, as stress is a chronic disease. "

* Who are the people prepared for this?
- People who are predisposed to high blood pressure after stress, are those who have genetic predisposition, and other causes other than hereditary, including hormonal disorders. While 90 per cent of high blood pressure cases have not yet been explained, and cause causes.
Here, I would like to point out that tension and stress are working to speed up the onset of stress disorder among these people.

What are the risks of high blood pressure?
- High pressure, ie 140/90 and above, if left untreated is a chronic risk for cardiovascular health, and on small kidney arteries in particular.
When the blood pressure rises sharply to 18 and above, it can lead to a heart attack or to a heart valve. And may affect the overall effect, leading to failure.
As well as cracking red blood cells and plaque, leading to severe anemia, and the possibility of bleeding.

What are high blood pressure treatments?
- The continuous rise in blood pressure level (140/90 and above) makes it necessary to give the patient antihypertensive drugs. Neurosurgery may be used to relieve tension.

* What are your tips for relieving stress, which contribute to reducing the high blood pressure resulting from this condition?
- Meditation, sports, music therapy, massage, walking in nature and other practices that provide relaxation for the body.
- Take a comfortable and sufficient sleep.
- Stay away from sources of tension.
- Refer to the specialist doctor for treatment, as well as consult a psychiatrist.
- Try to stay away from factors that raise blood pressure, such as: eating salt and fat, and smoking.
- Reduce weight, avoid diabetes, and obesity, which contribute to raise blood pressure.

Dr. Gina "There are no accurate studies to date that stress and stress can lead to long-term high blood pressure if people are not ready, but they help speed up the onset of chronic hypertension in these people. Can rise sharply after a bout of strong tension - to the normal level in all cases, in the uninitiated.

The d. Gina "Some studies have indicated that stress and stress, push people to do some practices that raise the level of blood pressure, such as binge eating, lack of movement, sleep disorders ..."

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