Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Five tips to get rid of stress

Five tips to get rid of stress

Stress and anxiety is a disease of the times and overcoming it needs to uproot problems from its roots. The causes of tension usually range from personal problems to fears of the future, as well as daily life problems. Some tips help you get rid of stress.

1- Resolving differences before bedtime: Any dispute whatsoever can cause stress and tension. Therefore, experts advise to identify the problem and talk with the other party concerned and try to discover the reasons and avoid them. For marital differences, it is best to clear the air at the end of the day and before bedtime.

2 - Sport: Sports helps to get rid of nervous tension, but it may also be the same source of stress at the beginning of exercise so it is important to exercise continuously to make the best use of it. The sport will not, of course, eliminate the tension caused by a disagreement with a co-worker but at least reduce the negative effects of this disagreement on the health of the body.

3. Nutrition: Eating under time pressure has many negative effects on health. Stopping hunger with a piece of chocolate or a quick meal has only a temporary effect on the feeling of hunger. The body needs more of these meals, which are known to increase weight, which can be a cause for stress and stress. Experts advise to be healthy and not to eat under time pressure. Except watching TV or reading.

4. Sleep: Sleeping is of great importance to the body and sleep hours should not be less than seven hours a day. Refining the mind and making sure to make the bedroom darker temperature between 16 and 19 degrees of things that help to sleep deeply.

5. Relaxation: It is important to take breaks for rest and relaxation other than known sleep hours. Relaxing for a few minutes during the day is a useful way to get rid of nervous stress. For those who do not have this possibility due to working conditions, they can close their eyes for a few minutes with a focus on breathing regulation.

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