Friday, August 24, 2018

8 signs that you are experiencing stress and stress

8 signs that you are experiencing stress and stress

Sometimes, you know that you are tense and aware that you need some time away from work or even out of social obligations.

Often, however, you work under stress and stress without realizing it, and this may cause your immune system to become upset and also become more prone to wrestling with emotional difficulties.

In the following, we will learn together 8 signs that you are in a state of tension and excessive stress, to wake up and practice self-care habits:

1 - suffer from pain
Sometimes, you do not realize that you are under pressure to begin to affect your body. You may feel symptoms ranging from muscle aches to heart sores, stomach ulcers, and digestive tract infections.

2. Your sleep is weak
Remember that stress is a major cause of sleep disturbance in humans, whether you sleep long hours or do not get enough sleep.

3 - fluctuations in weight
Consider what you eat recently and why you eat and what it means to you to eat. Do you eat too much (overweight) or do you forget to eat (weight loss)? When your appetite changes, it is an indication of an emotional problem you face.

4 - obsession with problems
You can not keep your mind on the problems you face, no matter how small or big. This is a clear indication that your stress has been controlling your life.

5. You can not sit still or quiet
Walking for walks, sitting quietly or even meditating ... all of which will relax you and bring you activity. But if you constantly postpone this type of activity and avoid it, make sure you are experiencing stress and stress.

6-Your patience is fulfilled
Your low ability to tolerate others, so you lose your temper on people you love, is one of the most powerful signs of stress.

Frequent mood swings
Hormones that control stress can radically affect your happiness and turn it into a state of hiccups or depression. This spiral of feeling is stressful in itself and is often caused by the suppression of your feelings and feelings instead of venting and shared with the close.

8. Hair loss
There are many medical reasons for hair loss, but research has shown that excessive stress may change your body's functions to the extent that your hair reaches the stage of baldness at record speed.

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