Friday, August 24, 2018

7 wrong habits that cause you stress and tension .. avoid them

7 wrong habits that cause you stress and tension .. avoid them

Many of us are not filled with more than one task, and many are not able to accomplish all of them. They feel pressure and tension throughout the day, but we see those who accomplish all their tasks and have more time. Stress and tension easily.

1. Do multiple tasks without prioritizing
Of course, we all have multiple tasks. We have tasks at work, at home, in the family, even those social duties, and of course starting them all, or even focusing on them all, will not make you capable of accomplishing any of them, so successful people define their priorities and times. , Giving it full focus and then moving on to another task.

2. Task list
Of course, the list of tasks is very useful, but we often put in so many steps and details that the list is difficult to accomplish, so instead of putting all the steps and tasks you want to accomplish in the list, put only 3 main tasks you want to do.

3. Depend on your mind to remember things
You rely on your memory to retrieve important information, tasks and appointments as if you are risking that information and appointments. The brain is very complex and needs help, so without anything important you want to restore it or remember it.

4. Immediate reply to messages and conversations
Technology is always at the heart of events, in all places, and for all people. As you sit on your desk and do your job, you hear the sound of your phone or your computer making a noise for new social networking sites, so we can not fight our curiosity about what happened. Once or two a day they leave what they do to answer e-mail, conversations, and messages.

5 - neglect rule 20/80
Base Pareto or 20/80 is based on the fact that 80% of the results are caused by 20% of the reasons, 20% of the business, in addition to 20% of the goals are achieved by 80% of the work, the intention here is to be careful about your time and effort, Apply it through your focus on priorities, rather than waste your time and energy on worthless things.

Follow the rule known as "touch once." For example, if you open a message, do not delay reply, but reply immediately, so you do not get back to it. Think about how long it will take you to read the message again.

7. Do not know the word "no" and do not entrust your duties to others
Successful people know the value of their time and effort more than the feelings of others. They have no problem with rejecting a task or a specific request someone asks him if he does not have enough time or pressure. He also understands the value of delegating tasks to others, whether at work or at home.

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